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Psst! Remember to Register Your Organization to Participate by February 28th, and Complete Your Giving Day Profile by February 28th!

Hello Members Welcome to The Big Share season!

You have teams, goals, and programming needs that can and should be tied to this fundraiser. And thank you so much for all the work you do!

Below you will find the work hour policy so you can take advantage of the many perks of The Big Share including free training, lowered donation fees, promotional materials, and your email list has been created and storied for you. Unlike other donation drives we want to mirror the best practices of professional fundraising.

Trainings: You have access to four free trainings for the lunch hour. Two kickoff trainings with amazing panels from top TBS collaborations advocates! They were able to work in the cracks of their work to come up with fun fundraisers.

THE BIG SHARE Work Hour policy

Member groups can earn a maximum of 10 work hours a year for attending Big Share trainings and meetings with CSW staff, volunteering at events for The Big Share and responding to emails related to planning for The Big Share.

Important notes about work hours for The Big Share:

  • Time spent marketing and advertising your Big Share campaigns DOES NOT count for work hours.
  • Events for The Big Share: members receive 1 hour for attending CSW-events for The Big Share – maximum of one person per member group. Working at Big Share events is actual time and should be reported separately.
  • Marketing: In general including information about The Big Share in member newsletters would not count for CSW work hours. However, members receive 2 hours for placing an ad or article in your newsletter about CSW-sponsored events for The Big Share (i.e., High Tech Happy Hour). Please seek CSW staff approval in advance.

1. Register

Register for The Big Share by February 28th.

Register as a tax-deductible organization with the IRS by February 28th.

Attest that your organization is compliant with applicable state fundraising laws by February 28th.

Registration Resources

2. Train

For more questions regarding The Big Share, please contact Cheri at

3. Prepare & Plan

4. Promote

Graphics: Download The Big Share promotional materials including logos, social share images, print materials, and more!

Branding Guidelines: Download this quick Brand Guide for The Big Share.