Ready to be a champion for your favorite nonprofit during The Big Share?

Great! Your efforts will help make The Big Share a HUGE success!

It's time to take the love you have for your favorite nonprofit or charitable cause to the streets! The Big Share is designed to make it super simple for you to build support for the organizations and causes you care about. So, let's get everyone in your network ready to give!

  1. Mark your calendar for March 7th. Make a donation on March 7th to show you're all in!
  2. Become a champion for your nonprofit. You can raise funds for an organization through The Big Share.
  3. Spread the word. Talk about The Big Share with friends, family, and colleagues. Email your friends. Post about on it Facebook or share one of the posts on the The Big Share Facebook Page. Tweet about it or retweet one of ours from The Big Share Twitter Page. Change your profile picture and cover photos to #CSWBigShare graphics.

Basics to being a Fundraising Champion

What link do I share? You’ll want to share the link created for your fundraising page found in your Fundraising Toolkit. You can also share the main campaign link, and your supporters will still be able to donate to your specific page!

How do I get the word out? To get the word out about The Big Share, you’ll want to communicate with your contacts through email messages, social media posts, and word of mouth. Check out some of the sample content below for ideas of what to post and when!

What am I responsible for as a champion? As a Fundraising Champion you’re responsible for getting the word out about The Big Share, and encouraging support for your fundraiser and the organization that you are fundraising for!

Can I collect donations by cash or check? Yes! If someone makes a contribution by cash or check you can still have that donation count towards your personal fundraising goal. Email the contact person at the organization you are fundraising for with the donation amount and donor name so they can add it to your total.

Fundraising Champion Communication Guides

Here are some goodies you can use to help get the word out

Top 10 Tips for being a Fundraising Champion

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