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Get Involved

The Big Share 2020 is finally here! How can YOU get involved and help make history for this special day?

Whether you’re a nonprofit, a supporter who would like to help fundraise, a business or corporate representative, a board member for a participating nonprofit, or an individual looking to give back, there’s a place for everyone to get involved!

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Do you have a hankering to give where you live? There’s lots of giving to be done for {{cms:snippet:dog-title}}! Search for a nonprofit to give back to by typing in a specific organization’s name or type (i.e, school or food) or search the causes you’re most passionate about to see which organizations are working in those areas.

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Are you looking for volunteer opportunities associated with {{cms:snippet:dog-title}}? Not every participating nonprofit will have these opportunities available, but you can find out easily by visiting their giving profile. Simply search for your desired organization by typing in their name or cause and check out their profile to see if they’re looking for volunteers.

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